About Us


We are dedicated to continuing education outside of the classroom and reaching out into the community to spread! The objective of RUSMEO is to allow its members to go beyond their horizons and reach out into the community so as to promote engineering awareness. Through independent projects and networking with other groups recognized by the Engineering Governing Councel (EGC) and the general Rutgers University community, RUSMEO intends to promote a positive image of engineers to those looking to be involved in the field through activities, community service, and invitation of guest speakers. The secondary initiative of RUSMEO is to create a social context that nurtures and encourages intelligent and scientific debate allowing students to exercise creative and technical skills not regularly practiced in the traditional classroom setting. We will accomplish these objectives as students using their educational backgrounds in conjunction with prior interests in the engineering related subject matter. We intend to be deeply involved with the professoriate at Rutgers University, specifically those in the science, mathematics and engineering departments. Additionally, RUSMEO intends to build and maintain relationships with other math and science organizations, including not only those at Rutgers, but also at neighboring institutions of higher education. Through these relationships RUSMEO hopes to facilitate exchange of ideas with local high schools and sow the seeds of engineering interest.

Rutgers School of Engineering Tailgate GummyBridge - October 9, 2012