Rutgers Resources

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            ■ Undergraduate Admissions
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            ■ Rutgers School Of Arts And Sciences
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Online Learning Resources

            ■ Khan Academy

                   - Non-profit educational website featuring thousands of educational resources, including a personalized learning dashboard, over 100,000 exercise problems, and over 4000 micro lectures                  across all STEM disciplines including economics, computer programming as well as history.
                   - Recommended Playlist: Reverse Engineering

            ■ TED Ed

                   - Great introduction to programming for Elementary and Middle School Students as well as engaging programming lessons.

            ■ Codeacademy
                   -Interactive programming lessons in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, and APIs.

            ■ Interactive Science Simulations
                   - Educators and scientists from University of Colorado Boulder providing fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from all science disciplines.

            ■ OpenCourseWare - Online lectures, Notes and Problems for many college courses